Status update February 2020

This is the February 2020 status update.

At the start of the month I published the first article in the SWAT 4 tactics series. It took roughly a month to write and — I guess as a testament of how much I have spent time in the game — majority of it was written from memory. Some weapon statistics I had to check in-game. The next step is to play through some early missions, make floor plans and write tactical summaries.

A few weeks ago Jeff Huang posted an article on how he uses a single text file (and a calendar) as productivity tool. I decided to try a slightly modified method at work to see how it fits in to my daily routine. I developed a syntax coloring for the format. The Vim runtime files can be found at:

Lastly I’ve been investigating GitHub Actions. In short, GitHub Actions allow execute steps when events, such as pull request, occur. The idea is similar to Travis and AppVeyor that we’re already using in Cute Chess. It seems that GitHub Actions will be the CI/CD solution going forward (for GitHub hosted code) which is why it’s now a good time to take a look at it.

There are at least two things that I would like to fix in our current CI/CD:

  1. We are using two separate services: Travis and AppVeyor. I would like to merge these in to one set of GitHub Actions.

  2. Build artifacts are not properly distributed. I would like to have a binaries and even Windows installer available after each commit.

That’s all I have for this month, see you in the next one!