Status update January 2022

For the past month I’ve been focusing on improving my Rust skills.

Based on the learnings I did on my interpreter project, I started writing a virtual machine based on the LC-3 instruction set architecture (ISA). In addition to the virtual machine, I also plan to write an assembler and a debugger.

The inspiration for the project came from Andrei Ciobanu’s Writing a simple 16 bit VM in less than 125 lines of C.

Compared to my interpreter project, I want to focus more on testability and quality of the documentation rather than performance, that is often the goal of Rust applications.

As for the debugger, I’m thinking incorporating similar features that are in the Humility debugger for the Hubris kernel.

I also did some minor Cute Chess work: I fixed the Qt 5 / Qt 6 multibuild, I fixed the build on Qt 6.2 due QCustomPlot and commited a fix for SIGNAL/SLOT runtime issue on Qt 6.

That’s all I have for this month. Exciting news coming next month!