Status update June 2020

In June, we held the annual Cute Chess hackathon.

Majority of the time was spent on reviewing pull requested. We had been slacking on reviewing, fixing and merging patches that had been sent to us. Sorry about that. Almost all pull requests that were targeted to be reviewed during the hackathon were merged.

Among the merged changes were:

Huge thanks to alwey for contributing the majority of the merged changes.

The changes I contributed during the hackathon were improvements to the documentation, fixes to our CI pipeline and preparation for the next release. In the end we didn’t have time to do a release but the plan is to put it together sooner than later.

The COVID-19 pandemic did not cause any issues during the hackathon. The situation in Finland is stable and with the proper precautions, the risk for an infection in this type of event should be low.

That’s all I have for this month, see you in the next one!