Status update September 2022

This month’s update will be a short one.

I’ve been making slow progress towards the next release of Cute Chess. The prerequisite of Cute Chess 1.3.0 is automated release generation and for 1.3.0 the only remaining release that is missing is the Windows installer. I will postpone the macOS .app generation after 1.3.0.

All of my development environments are Linux based nowadays, so I’ve been updating the installer on a virtualized Windows environment. The edit-build-test-debug loop in this environment with GitHub actions in the mix is painful.

I’ve also updated the documentation so that the exported HTML and text formats are in the Git repository. This is to accommodate Windows, which I haven’t found a proper way to generate these files. On other operating the exported manuals are created with the mandoc tool.

That’s all I have for this month, see you in the next one!